Recycle That Christmas Tree

December 31, 2008

Recycle your Christmas tree in Hendersonville.Are you ready to throw out your Christmas tree?  From now until January 10th, you can drop your old Christmas tree off at the parking lot for Field 6 at Jackson Park for the annual Henderson County Christmas Tree Recycling event, which takes place on January 10th from 9am-2pm at the park in Hendersonville.  The Environmental and Conservation Organization (ECO) sponsors this event every year to help recycle old Christmas trees into wood chips and mulch for use in home gardens and as fragant additions to firewood.  ECO will be directing traffic and passing out free hot apple cider to those attending the chipping event on January 10th.  Christmas tree vendors are welcome to drop off any leftover trees at Jackson Park as well.  Hendersonville residents can simply leave their Christmas trees at curbside to be counted in the recycling event.  Last year, ECO was able to recycle over 1200 trees in Henderson County alone.  Anyone wishing to bring some of the mulch home for their own lawn and gardens simply need to bring a bag or a box to carry it in.  Bring your old tree down to Jackson Park and help recycle some of Mother Nature’s best work.  You won’t be disappointed!