Highway Repaving Creates New Jobs in North Carolina

April 16, 2009

Thanks to $4.5 million provided by the government’s stimulus package, Western North Carolina will be able to employ 135 people by the end of this month to aid in repairing and resurfacing a large portion of the Spartanburg Highway.  This is just part of the $6.1 billion that will be pumped into the state’s economy for classrooms, energy, tax cuts for working families and financial aid for college students as well as road construction and repair.  While Senator Kay Hagen agrees that the stimulus bill is not the “perfect bill”, she is happy to get badly needed jobs into the area.  By creating these new jobs, more money will be kept within the local economy, creating a positive ripple effect in the economy.  Mayor Greg Newman, from Hendersonville, felt that the most pressing issue on the minds of Americans was jobs.  As a mayor of a small North Carolina town, he was grateful that the money would be used to help ease the pressure of unemployment that has fallen across the area.

Rich Cooke and the Cook-Knapp Team are Western North Carolina real estate experts!


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