Year-Round School Comes to Hendersonville

July 9, 2009

Today is back-to-school day for students of Bruce Drysdale Elementary School in Hendersonville, North Carolina, making it only the second school in Henderson County to utilize the year-round system.  This makes the start of the school year only four weeks after the end of the previous school year.  Rotating tracks will now have 3 months of school for every 1 month break instead of the traditional 9 months on and 3 months off.  Both teachers and janitorial staff have worked feverishly to get the school ready for the new year during the shortened summer break.  Luckily, many parents have volunteered to help as well, making the transition a little easier.

The reasoning behind having students on a year-round track instead of a traditional school year is so that students will retain more of what they learned over the previous year during the shortened time between studies.  Many school districts across the country are beginning to see the benefits of having a year-round curriculum for their students as opposed to the traditional school year.  Now, Hendersonville has joined them.  This should help our Hendersonville students be more successful in their academic careers.

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