Purchase Apple Trees to Help Hendersonville Nonprofit

January 14, 2010

Until February 6, 2010, you can purchase apple trees to help Hendersonville nonprofit organization ECO (Environmental & Conservation Organization).  Since apples have been such a huge part of Western North Carolina’s agricultural history, ECO is offering over 20 different varieties of apple trees at its annual sale.  These trees are unique in that many of them are hard to find since they were historically grown here in the southeast.

The goal of ECO’s annual apple tree sale is to help replace the apple trees that have been lost to development and neglect as well as increasing the diversity of this historically important fruit tree to the Hendersonville area.  In addition, the proceeds from the sale help fund ECO’s environmental programs that include protecting the Western North Carolina environment.

Every year, the limited amounts of trees available through ECO sell out pretty quickly.  This year, ECO will also be selling larger 2-year-old graft trees in 5-gallon containers for just a couple of dollars more than the regular 5-6′ tall semi-dwarf trees.  They are also ready to be planted right away.  So, make sure to put your order in early to get your heritage trees.  Trees will be available for pickup by 12pm (noon) on February 6, 2010 in the parking lot of Hendersonville Visitor’s Center.  Please purchase these heritage apple trees to help Hendersonville nonprofit organization ECO by calling 692-0385 or visiting the ECO website.  Your family will thank you for the delicious fruit and the environment will thank you.

Rich Cooke, your Hendersonville real estate expert


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