Keep Your Home Cool in the Warm Summer Months

May 5, 2011

Keep Your Home Cool in the Warm Summer MonthsThe winter chill is behind us.  Bring on the beautiful springtime sunshine in Hendersonville!  However, with warmer weather comes higher cooling costs.  That doesn’t have to be the case, though.  Here are a few simple ways to keep your Henderson County home cool in the warm summer months without spending a ton of money.

Thermostat – Turn your programmable thermostat up to 78 degrees.  For an idea on how much energy air conditioning can cost, keeping your thermostat set to 72 rather than 78 will increase your cooling costs by 12-47%.

Ceiling Fans – Easy to install, ceiling fans will help circulate your home’s interior air to help you feel cooler without having the costly air conditioning on.  While it won’t dramatically decrease the ambient temperature of a room, the air circulated by the ceiling fans helps your body cool off better than stagnant air does.  Another option would be to use oscillating floor fans or desk fans in your home office.

Microwave and Grill More – Heating up the oven also heats up the house.  One way to avoid this is to use your microwave more often or embrace the outdoors by cleaning off and using the barbecue.  Grilling can be a fun, healthy way to enjoy family time together as well.

Window and Door Leaks – Check for and plug up any air leaks around windows and doors.  Replace old weatherstripping or add caulking if necessary.

Filters – We don’t worry about these much during the winter months, but during the summer, you should consider changing out your air conditioner’s filters on a monthly basis.  A dirty filter causes an air conditioning unit to use more energy to work properly.  Changing out your filter more often costs mere pennies but will save you many dollars in the end.

Blinds/Drapes – Streaming sunshine through your Hendersonville home’s windows is welcoming, especially after the dreary winter months.  However, that same sunshine can heat up the interior of your home quickly.  Keep your blinds or drapes closed, especially during the hottest part of the days.  An alternative to closing out the sun would be to add a reflective film to the windows, which keeps the heat out while allowing the sunshine in.

You can keep your Hendersonville home cool in the warm summer months without spending a ton of money.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful Western North Carolina weather.  If you need help with buying or selling your Hendersonville home, please contact me today.

Rich Cooke, your Hendersonville real estate specialist

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