Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Come to Hendersonville NC

February 9, 2012

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Come to Hendersonville NCOn Wednesday, February 8, 2012, the City of Hendersonville NC officially unveiled two new electric vehicle charging stations at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  In an effort to reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil as well as maintaining the natural beauty that Western North Carolina offers, the City of Hendersonville has partnered with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition’s Electric Vehicles Committee to make using alternative fuels a viable option for Hendersonville citizens.  These two charging stations are only the beginning.

Typically, owners of completely electrical vehicles (such as the Nissan Leaf and Smart ED) or hybrids (such as the Chevy Volt, Ford Escape Hybrid or Toyta Prius Hybrid) charge their vehicles at home because charging stations are hard to come by.  The installation of the two new electric vehicle charging stations at the Dogwood Parking lot in downtown Hendersonville extends the areas these electric vehicles can travel by eliminating the worry of not having enough of a charge to get back home.  It is the City of Hendersonville’s goal to bring clean fuel alternatives to areas where its citizens work, dine, shop, learn and play.

These electric vehicle charging stations in downtown Hendersonville are only one step in a larger plan to create an entire public charging station network in the Asheville area.  The LSCVC’s Electric Vehicle Committee is working with other communities in the area to determine which locations would benefit the most from charging station installation.  In addition to downtown Hendersonville, there are currently electric vehicle charging stations available in downtown Asheville, Black Mountain, Haywood Community College (in Clyde) and Montreat as well as the office of the Land of Sky Regional Council in Asheville.  Plug-in electrical vehicle (PEV) owners can benefit from Duke Energy’s incentive program for installing a charging station in their homes.

Bringing electric vehicle charging stations to Hendersonville NC is yet another step in bringing the city into the modern era while maintaining the natural beauty of the Western North Carolina lifestyle.  If you’re interested in buying a Hendersonville home, please contact me now.  I can help you find the Western North Carolina home of your dreams today.

Rich Cooke, your Western North Carolina real estate specialist

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