Volunteers Wanted for Hendersonville Board of Adjustment

March 8, 2012

Volunteers Wanted for Hendersonville Board of AdjustmentThe Hendersonville City Council needs a citizen volunteer for its Hendersonville Board of Adjustment.  The City believes that the best way to make living in the community better for everyone is to have its residents be an integral part of its daily operations.  Volunteering for one of its boards and commissions is probably the best way you can do this.  As part of the Hendersonville Board of Adjustment, some of your duties will involve:

  • Listening to and deciding on appeals from administrative officials regarding enforcement of the Zoning or Subdivision Ordinances as well as reviewing orders, requirements, decisions and determinations brought to the Board by an administrative official.
  • Listening to and deciding on Zoning Ordinance variance requests.
  • Interpreting the Official Zoning map and passing along any questions regarding disputes of lot lines or district boundaries to Zoning Ordinance administrators.
  • Reviewing and issuing conditional use permits in regards to Zoning Ordinance rules and regulations.
  • Entering (at a reasonable time) and examining private property to survey said property as it pertains to the official duties of the Board.
  • Making requests for public hearings by the Board on any matter under the Board’s jurisdiction when needed.

Members of the Hendersonville Board of Adjustment meet at the Operations Center (305 Williams Street) at 1:30pm on the second Tuesday of the month to discuss matters brought before the Board.  Currently, the Board has one vacant alternate position available for a a Hendersonville resident.  If you’re interested in applying for the position, please fill out an application and hand it in to the Hendersonville City Hall.

Being a volunteer on a city board or commission enables you to help create a better living environment for the community.  Follow your passion and find a board that fits, whether it be the Hendersonville Board of Adjustment or another city commission.  The City always welcomes input from its residents to make living in Hendersonville even that much better.

Rich Cooke, your Western North Carolina real estate specialist

Originally published on my Western North Carolina real estate blog here: http://rich-cooke.com/2012/03/08/volunteers-wanted-for-hendersonville-board-of-adjustment/.

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