Enjoy family fun by tubing at Hawksnest Mountain Resort in Western North Carolina.Do you love playing in the snow but have trouble staying in an upright position?  If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing, try tubing.  Hawksnest Mountain Resort in North Carolina has changed from a typical ski resort to a tubing only resort.  This not only saves the owner money in staff and equipment, but saves the visitor money as well.  It costs roughly half of a daylong lift ticket to go tubing on a weekend or holiday (approximately $30 for a 2-hour session).  Hawksnest Mountain Resort offers 20 lanes for riders to run on a heavy-duty inflatable tube or raft.  There are other ski resorts on North Carolina’s Beech and Sugar Mountains that offer tubing runs as well, but Hawksnest is the only resort to go totally tubular.  After you unwrap gifts this Christmas, take the family and enjoy some old fashioned tubing fun in North Carolina.  Happy Holidays!


Discover the beauty of Saluda real estate for yourself.The small town of Saluda sits at the top of the Saluda Grade amongst gorgeous natural scenery that offers a welcome retreat from the quick-paced lifestyle of the big city.  The city goes out of its way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for local artisans.  That’s why so many art galleries dot the landscape.  Theater and music are also mainstays in the local art scene.  With places like the Flat Rock Playhouse, Tosh’s Whistle Stop Cafe and the Purple Onion, anyone can take a moment to enjoy fine performances from local actors and musicians.  The cozy environment that Saluda provides encourages couples to stay and raise their families here.  If you want to raise your family outside the hectic rat race of a big city, or if you just feel the need to get away, Saluda real estate is a great place to consider setting down roots.  For more information on Saluda or the surrounding areas, please contact me.  I’m the expert on the mountain lifestyle.