Water conservation tipsOfficials in the City of Hendersonville, much like other cities across the nation, have encouraged water conservation to help combat dry weather conditions.  Even little changes can help.  The following are the top five water conservation tips for Hendersonville residents to do their part in using less water:

Tip #1: Check the Plumbing.  Leaky plumbing makes up for approximately 15% of a Hendersonville household’s water use.  Replace O-rings on leaky faucets and tubs.  A couple of drops of food coloring in your toilet tank is a simple way to determine if you toilet is leaking.  If the color shows up in the bowl before you flush, you need to replace the flap.  If the water meter still moves after you have completely shut off all water coming into the home, you have a leak.  Check the connections to your outside hoses and faucets as well.  Replace or repair faulty plumbing as soon as possible.  Missing even one leak can waste as much as 500 gallons of water every month.

Tip #2: Curb Indoor Water Usage.  Flushing the toilets and bathing comprise approximately 70% of the entire Hendersonville household water usage.  If you can’t afford to replace your toilet with a low-flow model, you can achieve the same effect by placing a glass jar, a plastic jug or even a plastic bag filled with water, pebbles or other density items to keep it from floating in the toilet tank.  This will take up space, which means that the toilet will use less water to fill it.  If you want more water, use a smaller container.  Turn off water when brushing your teeth.  Limit your showers to between two and five minutes.  Take large buckets in the shower with you to capture water before it goes down the drain to use for daily watering of plants.  You can take bucketfuls of your bathwater when you’re done to water plants as well.

Tip #3: Use a Little Elbow Grease.  Yes, power washing does an amazing job when it comes to cleaning off your driveway and deck.  However, the particulates (debris, oil, etc) end up in our local Hendersonville waterways.  So, instead of busting out the garden hose, use a broom to sweep up. 

Tip #4: Be Smart When Using Appliances.  Only run a full load of dishes or laundry.  These activities account for approximately 20% of your Hendersonville home water usage.  If your dishwasher or laundry washer are older, purchase newer Energy Star appliances.  Ask your salesperson about rebates from Energy Star as well as local government agencies when you go to purchase.  You can save money when you buy the appliances as well as when you use them.  Good deal!

Tip #5: Use a Commercial Car Wash.  Most commercial car washes recycle their water.  This reduces the amount of water needed to clean your car by as much as 40 gallons per wash.

Following these top five water conservation tips for Hendersonville residents will significantly reduce water usage in our neck of the woods.  In turn, the precious water we do have can be used to keep our mountains green and beautiful for future generations.

Rich Cooke, your Western North Carolina real estate specialist