Lake Lure Looks Good

August 14, 2008

Officials are reassuring residents located downstream from Lake Lure’s water treatment plant that, despite a reduction in water flow, the water quality if still good.  Due to the severe drought in the Lake Lure area, the water level is down by three feet and continues to lose approximately 1 1/4″ per day.  Because of this, the water flow downstream was restricted from 9.7 million gallons per day to 9 million per day to help support the wildlife in the lake as well as continue functions at the water treatment plant.  The reduction is still well within state guidelines and the treatment plant is operating within the state’s Special Order of Consent (SOC).  A recent inspection of the plant confirmed that there were no violations of the SOC.  While Lake Lure residents aren’t currently under mandatory water restrictions, they are asked to conserve their water usage so that there will be no need to implement them.

Water conservation is a real issue with residents of Hendersonville.  But, don’t be alarmed when you see the street sweepers spraying down the streets in your neighborhoods.  They are using non-potable water.  This grey water is actually reclaimed water from the area’s toilets, sinks and drains and is undrinkable.  Grey water is also used to water the city plants along Main Street.  Even though the recent rainfall has fended off the mandatory restrictions the city was looking to impose, Hendersonville residents are still encouraged to conserve water as much as possible to avoid putting these restrictions into effect in the future.