I knew Flat Rock residents were charitable.  I’m just happy that others recognized this as well.  Community activists Robert and Doris Eklund were awarded the Richard C. and Vina L. Sauer Charitable Leadership Award for their service and philanthropic efforts for the Henderson County community.  Their work with the Council on Aging as well as the Henderson County Heritage Museum were only two of the many local charities they received the Sauer award for.  The Henderson County Community Foundation, who hosted the awards luncheon and is the recognition committee for the annual Sauer award, continues to receive donations from other generous members of the community even through these hard times.  Through their Community Fund, they are able to give grants and help people create their own philanthropic foundations for various health care, education, arts, environmental and other service programs in Henderson County.  Several of the people that have been direct recipients of the good that the Community Fund provides were on hand to tell their stories as well.  For more information about the Community Foundation, please call 697-6224 or visit their website.  It’s stories like this that makes me proud to be a member of Henderson County.

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