Join the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 from 8:30 to 10am at their headquarters (204 Kanuga Road) for their February Business Booster Breakfast in Hendersonville.  In an effort to help small businesses in the Western North Carolina region keep up in a down economy, the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce will be providing this “Make More Money by Staying Motivated (and how to do it in the current economy)” seminar.  This is just one in a series of min-seminars the Chamber will be hosting.  The cost is only $10.  You will be taught how to stay positive, how to keep your employees happy and more by business coach Pamela Bruner.  Please call the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce to RSVP at 828-692-1413.  Hope to see you at the Business Booster Breakfast in Hendersonville on February 24 from 8:30 to 10am.

It seems that more and more businesses are going “green” nowadays.  Jongo Java is a new green coffeehouse and juice bar that recently opened up in Hendersonville, NC.  Located at 117 South Main Street in downtown Hendersonville, Jongo Java owner Jamie Tanner believes in an environmentally responsible business design.  She uses real silverware, ceramic plates and compostable cups.  Since the silverware and plates are reusable and the disposable cups can be composted down, they will not contribute to the already overburdened landfills.  Regulars are encouraged to bring in their favorite mug to leave at the shop for future visits.  There’s even a special shelf for these “favorites”.  Tanner also buys bread from the local Underground Bakery and shares in recyling with the Never Blue restaurant to help herself and other Hendersonville businesses stay “green”.

To help keep expenses down and encourage community involvement, Tanner sub-leases part of her space to other businesses.  Right now, “Once Upon a Sign” (a specialty gift shop) has signed up and a bookstore is a strong possibility in the future.  By sharing business space, Tanner hopes to keep local Hendersonville businesses strong during hard economic times.

Jongo Java offers organically-grown specialty coffe, tea and some baked goods that are provided by local baker Daniel Duprey.  They are gearing up to start offering real fruit smoothie using local, organic produce as well as soups and sandwiches in the near future. 

Head to Jongo Java, a new green coffeehouse and juice bar in Hendersonville for your morning cup of joe.  You’ll be supporting local businesses and Mother Earth at the same time.  What a great combo!